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Community walks enable every client to experience the Hospitality of different ethnic personalities in Uganda – It is best known worldwide that Uganda has the best hospitality in East Africa and in the world.

The Original Batwa Community Experience

The Original Authentic Batwa encounter can only be experienced in Bwindi Impenetrable forest where Gorilla Trekking takes Place as well as on the slopes of Mountain Ruwenzori where an endless Batwa trail can be encountered.

They are incredible people who were originally pygmies but because of intermarriages, the body shapes are in process of vanishing off the original height. They have since been preservatives of their unique culture and are considered to be minorities and most primitive in Uganda living in the Bushes under and on top of trees of Bwindi as fruit and herb gathers for food and medicines. They are the best busket weavers as well do pottery and black smith. Their way of life is a true life experience of Bush men in Africa dominated by sack cloth and very glorious songs and different comical dances.

The Karamojongs in Northern Eastern Uganda (Karamojongs/Teso Cluster)

Karamojongs are considered to be one of the most unique and fierce personalities. They are warriors and most feared tribe living in well organized Manyatas as pastoralists in Northern Eastern Uganda. Karamojongs have the most unique fashionable Hair styles, and breath taking body tattoos in Africa and marry after a wrestling with the woman they are interested in marrying.

Visiting the Manyatas during a memorable stay in Kidepo Valley National Park is an incredible community experience – listen to stories relating the marriage and way of life, in their ignorance, Karamojongs have too adopted to ways of Modern Africa, they have acquired Education as well as fire Arms for Defense.

Karamojong Women
Karamojong Jewelry
Batwa Tribe (Minority Group)

Manafwa River Trail & Evening story Telling around a Fire place in a Home Stay Special

Manafwa River is one of the longest Rivers in Eastern Uganda with a Good number of tributaries pouring their water in famous Mpologama down to Lake Kyoga. It originates from Mountain Elgon ranges through communities leaving good fertile soils for crop growth, health forests and green vegetation cover. The river is famous because of its nature of being too floody to the extent of distorting neibouring home steads – uprooting grave yards and drowning a cluster of homes during rainy seasons. On the other hand, the river is considered a source of water to all surrounding communities for domestic Use. Children and Adults from surrounding and far communities swim in the river.

A Guided trail on river Manafwa with a Local guide earns a special natural experience on how African societies maintain their rivers as source of water as well shows you how an African Child values water at his/her free time – while at the river enjoy cold fresh breeze while you play with the stones, watch the old and young swim and listen to the calls of the Birds that remind you of nature as the curiosity of the communities increases to play, laugh and tell un ending stories will be your best ultimate community experience.

At the descending bright sunrise, rays escape through the green and ripe coffee and banana plantations – everyone will be back from the awesome river trail for an unforgettable evening special around the fire place – Dinner is served around the fire as the untold and un ending laughter go on, it’s like a new day every evening – the old will be merry making on beverages as they tell tales of how they fought wars and how several situations came to be as well the origins of different clans and tribes. So interesting that all stories will be told and shared while the Children weaken to slumber and the fire blazes out –that is what we describe as an African Home stay Special.

Ultimate Dokolo Rock Climbing and Authentic Community walk Experience

Special community walks through the numerous homestead visits within the communities exposes everyone to the social way of life of the native people. Dokolo Rock is one of the special ‘’peaks’’ that enable one to view the communal setting from above – an amazing activity that leaves one healthy for a good night sleep. Climbing rocks is one of the best experiences one can have while in Uganda.

Visit the health centre and the native old church of the area as you meet amazing wonderful and hospitable people, all treks give an unforgettable memorable community walk.

Community Home stay

There are various ethnic groups of people in Uganda possessing different strong and amazing personalities in their way of life. A home stay enables an authentic experience of a true African life – a True picture of an African woman, Child and Man in an ancient Traditional setting with controversial modernity. Involving in daily activities is one of the amazing activities everyone needs to share. Home stay activities can involve cooking, gardening, harvesting, local wine making, fetching water, cleaning the compound, pounding foods, grinding, riding a bicycle to pick things from the shop. All these activities relieve fatigue.

Watch , see and get involved in the division of labor in a particular native home in the East, North, West, south and Central Uganda – Dine to taste all dishes to compare the ancient and modern cuisines, encounter with children and the Old to listen to the tales and riddles of the natives till dusk does you part for slumber

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