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Equator Experience

It is such an amazing feeling while at the Equator or even when you do not feel, a Discovery about what happens at the Equator is such a special memorable Experience. Eco Trends Tours & Safaris has made it an obligation to share its hidden Experiences and feelings with its Customers who have several Questions about the Equator – Our Professional staff has got all the Information as such;

Did You Know? We bet you did not; that at the Equator:

> It is 3800ft above sea level

> You are revolving at 2409 miles around the globe at speed of 1040mph at the globe axis

> It is 9640km[6025 miles] from 00latitude to the North pole and the same distance to the south Pole

> It is 0,000 latitude

> Your body weight is less by 3%

> You dine and sleep at both hemisphere at the same time

> The days and nights are each 12hours

> Water drains clockwise north of 00Line, water drains anti-clockwise south of 00 lines, water drains straight at 00 lines.

> Water boils at less than 100c

> On 21st March and 23rd September you are shadow less at noon

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