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Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is a huge fresh water lake located in east and central Africa along the equator and borders the countries of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. The Lake is surrounded with several strong Facts such as;

It is Africa's largest lake and has a surface area of 26,600 square miles (68,800 square kilometers).

It is the largest tropical lake in the world.

It is the world's second largest freshwater lake measured by surface area. The only larger freshwater lake is Lake Superior in North America.

This body of water is named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

Lake Victoria is about 400,000 years old.

The average depth is 130 feet (40 meters) with the deepest point being 276 feet (84 meters).

Approximately 80 percent of the lakes water comes from rain. The other 20 percent comes from small streams flowing into the lake.

Geological studies have shown that the lake has dried up completely a few times in the past. The last time was approximately 17,300 years ago.

The Kagera River is the largest river that flows into the lake.

Two rivers flow out of the lake. They are the White Nile (called the "Victoria Nile" where it leaves the lake), and the Katonga River.

It is best known for its Nile Tilapia and Nile Perch making it possible for great fishing Expeditions.

However a great Enthusiastic History surrounds the lake – Thus having the Arab Traders who were the first to record the discovery of the lake and created its Map dating back in 1160AD and later John Hanning Speke was the first European to site the lake and source of River Nile in 1858 during his exploration of Central Africa, He later named the lake after the Queen of England, Queen Victoria – The Monument is erected in the sport where John Hanning Speke stood and pointed to show where the Nile Originates thus, The Napoleon Golf within Lake Victoria- his discovery sparked a Hot Debate in scientific community before its proof. The Monument is one of the premier attractions found on the Lake.

However, it has been also recorded that, On May 21st 1996 the ferry MV Bukoba sank in the lake approximately one thousand people lost their lives making it one of the worst maritime disasters in Africa's history. Other Monuments include Mahatma Ghandi’s Monument built at the source of the Nile, This Reminds us about how he loved Uganda that even on his death Bed, Ghandi asked for his remains to be poured in Lake Victoria after he had died. The lake is been surrounded by Modern facilities such as amenities and Accommodation Units that Range from Budget to Luxury as well as Banks, Modern Cuisine, Health Centers.

The lake has been equipped by Modern Boats which are used for;

It’s famous Boat riding activity to the Source of the River Nile

Fishing Expeditions for the rush to trap Nile Perch and Tilapia

Birding Safaris along the Nile and Lake.

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