River Nile and Source of the Nile

The Nile River flows about 6,670km approximately 4,160Miles in length to the Mediterranean Sea from its Source in Lake Victoria in between the Island in the spot as the Napoleon Golf. It is the longest River in Africa. The Nile runs through Uganda, Sudan and Egypt creating a Fertile Green Valley that cuts across Deserts for Farming. Exploring the Nile Bank in Uganda takes Love and passion for the pearls of Nature, thus several memorable activities take place on the White Nile waters and all activities are breathtakingly special as well as so unforgettable. They Include;

1.    Half or Full day Rafting on the white wild waters of the Nile

2.    Quad Biking along the Nile Valley through Communities

3.    Bicycle Riding through Villages and Forests along the Banks

4.    Extreme Rafting on extreme rafts and Boards!

5.    Rope swing into the Nile River

6.    Bungee Jumping into the Nile River

7.    Horse-back ride through communities and along the Nile River

8.    Kayaking in white water of the Nile

9.    Birding safaris along the Nile and lake Victoria

10.   Fishing Expeditions along the River and lake

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