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A good Number of places have been established as havens/safe places to keep Exhibits of Wildlife. Such places include:

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre – Entebbe

Previously Known as Entebbe Zoo, the sanctuary has played a big role as a haven Captive for Wildlife since its establishment in 1952 on about 51.Sqkm of land, till now due to its Outstanding performance and roles, Uganda Wildlife Authority has been named the best Zoo in East and Central African Region and appointed as a coordinator for all Zoos and aquariums in East, Central and West African region under the umbrella Zoo Organization – The pan African Association of Zoos and Aquarium.

All the Endangered/threatened/orphaned species of Flora and Fauna have been kept and taken good care of in the Zoo for the future generation, and due to its unique position as the only captive of wild animal collection centre in the country, UWEC serves three roles

   1. Conservation for education function.

   2. A rescue and rehabilitation centre.

   3. A recreation centre to embrace Wildlife

Upon the recognition of its roles and obligations, one enthusiastic wrote at the walls of Uganda Wildlife Education Centre that,

"This is your Park

These are your Animals

We are preserving them

For the future of your own people as well as for the whole of Mankind

This is the most important part of your heritage! "


Animals include the Leopard, Lions, Oaters, crocodiles, Giraffes, Zebras, African Buffalos, Uganda Kobs, Water bucks, Elephants, Sitatungas, Chimpanzees, White Rhinoceroses, Reptiles, Olive Baboons, small Monkeys, Hyenas as well as the Bird species such as the famous Shoebill stork and the lesser Pink-backed Pelicans among others. Furthermore, the Centre is located on the edge of Lake Victoria with a rich vegetation cover that harbors a wide range of birds, butterflies and other free and roaming animals that make it an attractive venue for education and Uganda safari enthusiasts. Activities in Uganda Wildlife Education centre Include:

1.    Nature Walks and drives

2.    Sunset Boat cruise on lake Victoria

3.    Children’s Park

4.    Game viewing

5.    Birding

6.    Camel riding

7.    Behind the scene tours

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary was established in 2005 to reintroduce the Southern white rhinoceros to Uganda following the extinction of the Black Rhinoceros (Dicero bicornis) and white Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium Simum) in 1982 during the prolonged armed human conflict, poaching and mismanagement of their Natural habitat by natives. The Sanctuary has a long-term goal which is to "build a sustainable rhinoceros population and relocate rhinos back to their original habitat in Uganda's protected areas". By 2010, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary was the only location in Uganda, where rhinos can be observed in their natural habitat and now they can too be viewed in Captivity in Uganda Wildlife Education Center.

The reintroduction was made following the purchase of four Rhinoceroses from Solio Ranch in Kenya and two donated from Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, in the United States, and till now the rhino population has grown to fifteen following the birth of another calf in April 2014.

The Sanctuary boasts of numerous memorable activities such as:

1.    Guided Rhino Tracking through thickets and bushes

2.    Guided Nature Walks

3.    Birding Excursions

 4.    Services Include:

5.    Camping

6.    Restaurants

7.    Accommodation

The Uganda Reptile Village

The Uganda Reptile Village was founded in 2002 by a scholar who had passion in conserving the environment and protecting Reptiles following his campaign to treat Reptiles like any other Wild Animal. Upon the discovery of his passion, Mr. Yasin Kazibwe acquired skills on how to rescue humans from snake attacks as well as snake bites. Having achieved his goals, his skills helped him to rescue over 6oo snakes from death between 2003 and 2008 and later wrote a book called, ‘’Snake bite guide book’’ which has been helpful to the surrounding community as well as to the Tourists.

Due to his great job, a good number of Reptiles such as the Cat eyed snake, three horned Chameleon, African Rock Python, crocodiles as well as Tortoises, Birds and small primates are well protected and seen in Uganda’s Reptile Village. As well, Guided Birding Excursions, Guided Nature walks and primate views are the major activities in Uganda Reptile Village.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The Sanctuary was established in October 1998 to care for both orphaned and rescued Chimpanzees from Poachers by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Many of those which were rescued were unlucky not to be reintroduced to the Wild.

The sanctuary is approximately 100acres of rainforest land situated about 23km away from Entebbe town all surrounded by Lake Victoria. It can therefore be accessed by a Boat cruise booked through a Tour Agent. While at Ngamba Island one is able to enjoy comfortable accommodation, fresh foods as well as a good number of memorable activities such as:

> Chimpanzee Feeding and viewing

> Birding Excursions

> Guided Nature walks

One can too access the prestigious Bulango Island’s most prestigious Pineapple bay Beach with a 20Minutes boat cruise for a sunny sandy walk, swimming and Fishing

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